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Beth Stuart's picture
Dr Beth Stuart
Senior Research Fellow
University of Southampton

I am a medical statistician and have been working in primary care for the past 7 years. A large part of my role is in providing advice in planning studies, writing grant applications, selecting outcome measures and measurement intervals, and in the data management and analysis of successfully funded studies. I ensure that studies have adequate statistical support, whether it is provided by myself or by someone in my team.

As a researcher, I am interested in getting the most out of existing data by applying appropriate statistical models, particularly through evidence synthesis and the use of large cohort data for secondary data analysis. My work involves applying statistical modelling techniques, such as latent variable modelling or propensity scores, to previously collected data in innovative ways.

I am also a member of the Cochrane Individual Patient Data (IPD) Methods group and am leading an IPD meta-analysis of prescribing for acute respiratory tract infections. I have just finished leading a study exploring clustering in individually randomised trials that was based on a synthesis of 10 years’ worth of primary care data.

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