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Dr Majid Artus
NIHR Clinal Lecturer in General Practice
Keele University

I have been pursuing a career in academic general practice since enrolling in the Academic GP VTS scheme in 2001. My interest in research strengthened with my first project for the Masters’ degree, investigating the use of CAM and conventional medicine by patients with musculoskeletal pain in 2004.

In 2007, I was awarded an Arthritis Research UK primary care fellowship to investigate the influence of non-specific factors on the course of non-specific low back pain in clinical trials. After successfully finishing my PhD project, my goal has been to develop and lead research projects and in particular in clinical trials. I have been actively seeking involvement in trials in the centre as well as collaborative projects. I am in the process of developing research ideas in the areas of low back pain, shoulder pain and chronic widespread pain/fibromyalgia.

Parallel to my academic career, I am currently a principal general practitioner in a large inner city teaching practice. I also enjoy my role as a ‘teacher’, leading on a module in the Masters in Medical Sciences course, ‘The primary secondary care interface’ module and in the process of also leading on another module, ‘Evidence based practice’.

My ultimate goal is to be a lead primary care researcher with expertise in clinical trials and to hold a position that would enable me to direct and lead research teams.

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