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Prof Jennifer Cleland
Chair of Medical Education, lead for the first three years of Primary Care/Community Medicine
University of Aberdeen

I am a clinical and research psychologist working in primary care and medical education. Originally employed in a 50:50 teaching/clinical post, I developed research interests in respiratory disease and pedagogic research. From 2002-2008, I worked on primary care research, providing input on psychological and behavioural aspects of disease management and patient care to a respiratory team and a pharmacy research unit. At the same time, my medical education research interests and activities flourished and, in 2008, I was core funded to lead medical education research across the College of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Aberdeen, first as a Senior Lecturer, then as a Personal Chair. I have held the John Simpson Chair of Medical Education since 2011.
I lead on Clinical Communication within the Aberdeen MBChB (2001-2011) and now Chair the Community Course, which introduces medical students to the community specialties through Years 1-3 of the MBChB. I lead this teaching and learning through two curriculum reforms. As Professor of Medical Education Research, I provide strategic leadership for research, build research capacity and create effective research partnerships. I am Chair of the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) (formally Chair of ASME's Research Group), Vice-Chair of the Association for the Study of Medical Education, Europe (AMEE) International Research Board, and Associate Editor for The Clinical Teacher. I have published extensively in primary care and medical education.
I have had an active interest in leadership for nearly 20 years, from a light bulb moment studying leadership as a Masters student, to an ongoing, reflexive exploration of leadership across the contexts of research, practice and personal development. Finally, I have appreciated support and mentoring in my own career and strive to value, encourage and enable others.

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