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Nicola Gray's picture
Dr Nicola Gray
Research Fellow

My main research interests are primary care oncology, health related quality of life research, symptoms research, women’s health and patient’s experiences of health care. I have experience of conducting qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research.

I have been working in primary care cancer research since 2006. I have been the lead co-ordinating researcher on a five year programme of work directed at improving outcomes for patients with colorectal cancer. I currently hold a Chief Scientist Office Postdoctoral Fellowship, which focuses on identifying risk factors and symptoms indicative of recurrent disease in patients who have had potentially curative treatment for colorectal cancer.

My PhD (completed in 2008) focussed on the psychological and psychosocial distress associated with low-grade abnormal cervical smear results, conducted within the context of the TOMBOLA trial. I retain an active and ongoing interest in women’s health research emanating from my PhD and I continue to collaborate with colleagues locally and internationally.

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